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We want you to have a wonderful living experience in your home where Ezy Homes Real Estate offers our renters conveniences they can appreciate. We welcome current and potential tenants to check out the Listings section or contact us directly for the latest list of properties we have on hand.

Whether you are applying for your next home, or simply settling into your existing one, Ezy Homes Real Estate is always available to support you by providing useful and pertinent information.

As a renter, you can feel comfortable knowing our leases are complaint with the Victorian tenant/landlord regulations.

Maintenance & Urgent Repairs

In such situations where you need to reach out to us for a maintenance request, firstly determine if the circumstance falls into which of the following categories;

1. Urgent Repair

View full list of Urgent Repairs here

If the situation falls under any of the urgent repairs as found in the comprehensive list outlined above, the tenant should first take reasonable steps to contact the Property Manager immediately to arrange rectification and/or restoration. We will do our utmost to assist you to resolve the matter as soon as we possibly can through our network of specialist contractors.

For Emergencies after business hour, please contact the following approved contractors:

  • Electrician – Gloform Electrics (0490 821 552)
  • Plumber/Gas – Procon Plumbing (0423 650 065)
  • Locksmith – Innovative Locksmith (0409 336 660)
  • Flood Emergency Services – 132 500
  • National Emergency Services – 000

# If you arrange for an after-hour repair and the issue is subsequently deemed as “non-urgent”, you may be liable for the associated costs of the said repair.

2. Non-Urgent Repair

For any non-urgent maintenance request (item does not fall under the above list), please submit your request via email by using the Maintenance Request Form listed on this page. All maintenance requests must be in writing for our record purposes, and it will be addressed by your Property Manager. The Property Manager will contact you to troubleshoot your situation and we will provide you with the relevant details of the tradesperson who will be sent to your home for resolution.

Should you require any further clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us at +613 9016 3998 or +614 3393 4119.